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1870 - Pendant eyeglass opening by pressing on the clasp.

1910 - Stereoscope and its positive plates (Guilleminot) on the ascent of Mont Blanc by Antoinette Lagorce (Earl Felix de Gineste's wife)

1850 - Napoléon III style tea service

1880 - Earl Henry de Gineste's daughters scrapbook with stickers, greeting cards and childish drawings.

Album, children's notebooks

Silverware with the coat of arms of the Gineste family, cahiers d’enfants

1865 - Octagonal plate with the gineste family coat of arms. (Service ordered in Paris by Mathilde de Gineste after her wedding)

eighteenth century - Hand painted ivory fan

1850 - "Hand screen" (fans) embroidered Napoleon III style

1897- Menu for Lucy de Gineste and Alphonse Maximilien Bazin's wedding on September 25, 1897 in Garrevaques

Early twentieth - Hand-stretched silk screens

1880 - Musicale score of the Garrevaques' Waltz

Nineteenth century - Handkerchiefs embroidered with the initials and coat of arms of the families

1900 - Brush and mirror that probably belonged to Lucy de Gineste

1860 - Napoléon III style sewing kit monogrammed A.O.

1900 - Magic lantern plates to entertain children

1900 - Magic lantern plates to entertain children