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Charles de Gineste


Charles De Gineste-Najac, known as the Chevalier de Najac (1754-1826) and his little brother Etienne, used their swords in service of the "Insurgents." They participated in all French campaigns of the American Revolution as part of the Agenois Regiment, including Battle of Yorktown, with the armies of Rochambeau, and the Marquis de Lafayette. Charles was captain and knight of the royal and military order of Saint-Louis. In 1792, he left the military, married and moved to Garrevaques, where he and his family succumbed to all the dangers and misfortunes that the aristocracy endured during the Revolution. Two of his brothers, François and Marc-Antoine, joined the Army of the Émigrés (in Count of La Châtre’s Regiment of Loyal-Emigrés). Philippe, Charles’s son, was born in French revolution’s prison in 1795.

L'indépendance des États-Unis
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