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Once upon a time...

...there was a girl who lived in a pink castle surrounded by sunflower fields. Under the summer trees, near the winter chimney, her grandmother’s gentle voice uttered stories from the castle’s past.


That little girl? It’s me!

This morning, as I drink my coffee in jeans and sneakers on the castle’s sunny terrace, I realize that it's now my time to share the history of this special home where my mom and I now serve as guardians.

Like all homes, it’s seen its share of difficult moments, but, more importantly, it has been the setting for plenty of happiness!

Welcome to the castle.

Follow me: we’re going to walk back in time!

The blue-eyed lady told tales that swept across centuries. She passed on to her granddaughter the Torch of Remembrance, a shimmering light, always on the verge of flickering out.

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