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Letters from Marie de Gineste (1813-1892), to her son, Henry (1838-1903), transit of love for the young Mathilde ...


Henry de Gineste fell in love with Mathilde Sol de Marquein (1845-1934), a charming meteor with an unusual vigor of character. Knowing that sooner or later she should marry, she decides not to rush and to wait until the poor Henry be to the point of torture. The wedding will finally take place in September 1868, at the house of Mathilde's father in the large reception hall of the Château de Marquein.

Garravaques, Wednesday, May 9, 1868

... I counted on one of your letters this morning, I had a disappointment, finally, when it arrives, it will be welcome; tell Mathilde Sol that she does not tire herself too much, I would not want to find her skinny, and as I am sure she will fatten up when she is completely ours, I wish she decides to move forward the moment…

Garravaques, May 28 1868

Now let's talk a little about our dear Mathilde, all the letters of your sister tell me that she is very gay, so be happy and calm, but I know that with your character you will not be entirely so until everything is over. It seems that you buy beautiful things, you do well, I'm glad that Mathilde is satisfied, all I want is that housing does not give you trouble. Your Aunt Nina and the Fargues went to Vigouroux, we talked a lot about the beautiful purchases you made, I think it's from the letters of Alexander, I'm not sorry that we know it. Now, it will be long for me, my dear Henry, that the main question take a step, because this summer you will not get sick, I would like Mathilde to understand it and she decided because according to her uncle, if she wants it she will be ... ... My friendships to Mathilde, I would like her to think soon of returning to the country, goodbye my friend, I embrace you with all my soul,



Garravaques, May 4, 1868

... You understand that Mathilde and you did the expenses of our interview. Charles would like his niece to decide to advance the time of marriage, and he claims that it depends on her entirely, because after a no from her father she adroitly returns to the charge and that he finally gives in, you do not tell her anything about what I tell you. It seems that she had received before her departure a letter from Madame Gertrude which assured her that when she had talked with her about her future, she wanted, from what she saw, to make her the happiest fiancée! may God do it! And let this poor child give up her moments of sadness.

Rennes, May 13, 1868

...Coming out of the car, I was given your letter, my dear Henry, I had a great moment of satisfaction, but not by reading it, it seems to me that all the uncertainties of Mathilde should have stopped, and if this is only the momentous moment that does not preoccupy her, the rather will be only the best, if there are other apprehensions, it would be unreasonable not to decide all the questions in a row, and to leave us suspended when we I think you are quite resolute, I assure you that I regret very much these alternations, I long for you to be quiet about it and you tell me, thinking about it yet it seems impossible for me that his determinations are not perfectly fixed ...

... I would have liked an even longer letter to tell me if your sister is happy with Mathilde's purchases, Charles told me to Vigouroux, that she had asked her father for 10,000 francs for the trousseau, and that having Asked what had happened to that of Mrs. Edouard de Falguerolles, she had been told 1,000 ecu, that she had laughed at her request and I think that she will have reduced it ...

... I would like to know everything and you do not tell me enough, sacrifice me an hour by getting up earlier.

My friendship at the colony, farewell my friend, I embrace you, and charge you with my affectionate compliments for Mathilde.

Mazamet, Monday, June the first, 1868

My dear Henry, your sister, talking to me yesterday about your purchases, told me that you did not intend to buy candlesticks, because of the lamps, that you consider them useless, as I have more experience than you, I write a few words to tell you that four candlesticks plated, very simple, and two candlesticks are indispensable to you, and I am persuaded that at Christofle you will have better and cheaper than in Toulouse, you would need, my opinion at least six such candlesticks, united, choose them a little high but for four you can not do without it, the price of 20 francs a pair would be enough. Now do as you will hear. Your sister also told me that Mathilde was counting on three consecutive months in Paris. January, February and March, I flatter myself that you can later persuade her that your business does not require such a long stay. If you still had to be absent the inventories would suffer ... .... I am very happy to see the feeling that absorbs you, but I would nevertheless like you to reconcile it with your business, and I assure you that what I am telling you is not unreasonable, I think that you are mistaken if you think that a single idea must absorb you; I am determined to wait for you here ...

Marie de Gineste to her son Henry


Marie keeps her son informed of events affecting families in the region while he is in a European capital or the other side of the Mediterranean to manage her property in Algeria.

Castres, february 4th, 1868

... I found your sister well, but forced again to this severe and insufficient diet, I did not find her thiner, but a little yellowed ...
... I gave your address to Charles who had lunch with us, he did not tell me anything, therefore if he writes you, speak to me.

Castres, February 15, 1866

... I went yesterday with your sister to see Valerie, she was out and Charles had gone riding with Miss Lydie, their affection for this niece is translated by all kinds of complaisances, since Charles has made arrive from ... a small horse for the walk of the niece, between us these things would be ridiculous in almost all positions, but they are much more for those of Miss Prat who is most modest. Her mother is wrong I find in the way she directs her, you will think that it does not concern me and you are right, but I give you my impressions. We dance every day in a small committee first at Mrs. Humbert's we danced three days in a row, a first day to try the salons, the next day big night, and the third day to keep in the movment, it is only for the most zealous, Mrs. St Cyr, Ernest de Falguerolles, his brother and Philippe left the next day

Mazamet, February 19, 1875

... We had a lot of talk in city about Miran's wedding, in fact he is not young, 61 years old, and the lady 53, it is a marriage of reason, and I add, interesting for the lady, if she could I do not think she would change her habits at her age. I do not know if Mr. Miran and his half have returned from their trip, I do not have the project to get to know Mrs. and her family - the poor man wrote me the day before his marriage to give me a circular, the same has been written to Mme. Cormouls, he asks the same benevolence for the second as for the first wife, and I think they must be a little different.

Marie de Gineste (1813-1892), now called "Old Mimi", wrote to her daughter-in-law Mathilde (1845-1934), about children

Castres, december 14th, 1873


... I begin, my dear Mathilde, asking you to tell my beloved Helen that I thank her for her bars, they made me very happy, I found them very clean and straight. When she starts to read I'll write her a little letter, I kiss her a thousand times and Lucy, who no longer climbs, I'm sure and who wants to be very wise so that I'm happy, and Lucy knows that I send at the corner when she climbed on the chairs, for Caro I teach no lesson, I kiss her very hard ...

Cuq-Toulza, April 30, 1875


My dear Mathilde, we had the happiness yesterday to have your three lovely girls, I say happiness because it is a real one for me to see and caress them. They are all brightly healthy, except the small scratch of Helen, who will pass quickly. Caro catches up time, she has a good appetite, she grew up and much embellished, with her pretty curls it is an engraving, she became very wise and I am touched by her caresses, so I look forward to tomorrow for the see you again, it will be short, because they will leave early according to your desires; I find it quite natural that you wanted to have them with you, your stay extending in Toulouse ...

... Do not deprive me of the happiness of keeping small ...

... I found that the girls spoke English very well with Lisy, finally you must be satisfied with her in all respects ...

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