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Jean-Philippe de Gineste-Najac


Jean-Philippe de Gineste-Najac, the son of Charles de Gineste-Najac and Ninette Dumas des Barreaux, was born in 1795 in the prisons of the French Revolution.


When the family was released, it moved to the Castle of Gandels, as Garrevaques Castle had partly burned during the revolt. When order returned, Jean-Philippe and his wife, Marie-Philippine Olombel, recovered the Garrevaques castle and restored it.


Jean-Philippe, a knight and an artillery officer, was elected mayor of Garrevaques in 1848. Five years later, he chose to resign from his post rather than taking an oath to Napoleon III. Once the Napoleonic “storm” passed in 1860, he returned to his position as Garrevaques’ mayor.


Jean Philippe and his wife are buried in the family Protestant cemetery at the end of the Garrevaques gardens.

Marie de Gineste
femme de Jean Philippe
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